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Our Services:

Social Media Consulting

If you are ready to upgrade your social media game, this is the package for you. In this package, we will work alongside to analyze your content and its impact in order to achieve your company’s goals. Then I will provide a strategic road map to implement moving forward to ensure the content you produce furthers your brand's overall mission.

Content Creation & Management

If you want to make the most out of your time, grow your business without having to hire somebody full time on staff, this package is ideal for you. We will work together to create a strategy with the monthly One-on-One session included in this package and you will spend less time creating and scheduling content, and more time doing what you want! This package includes a monthly mini photography session.

One-On-One Services 

I am super happy to offer both in-person and online One-on-One training. This is where you get all your questions answered and you get clear on all things social media. Book a one hour session for $120 or my favorite a five-week long One-on-One sessions for $480

Brand Photography

My brand started with a set of really great pictures from a professional. I can't say this enough, pictures matter and they will set you apart from your competitors. Our Brand Photography service is designed to show your product or service through great and beautiful images. Our goal is to create a story thru images!

Brand Audit & Strategy

Often times you want to check if you are doing things right. Here is where this plan comes in. We will look at your brand’s social media for the last year, we are going to tell you what worked, what didn't work and how to change it. We create a strategic plan that encourages inclusion and elevates the brand while supporting a deliberate effort and thought invested by your company. You will leave confident that what you do next is the best thing for your company’s brand.

Story Telling

Just like brand photography, storytelling is essential to your brand. Whether you already have a concept in mind or you are starting from square one, this service is just what you need to take your business to the next level. 

*We also customize your price for specific services or type of company. Let’s talk!


Mas Social is a connected strategy and digital content company, a diversity and inclusion consultancy, and mas.


What began as a conversation with interns over coffee (yes, coffee, not tacos!) about the need to have a boutique digital and social agency,  ended up with the launch of Be Mas Social.

We believe that better communication is a path to a better world. Be that for each and every one of us or for companies and other organizations. It is our dream to make an impact through social media channels all around the globe. 

Everybody wants to create a community to share their important message, but nobody knows how or has the money to hire somebody full-time to create the content and make the huge impact that they want to create in their company. This is where we come in. 


 Our Clients:


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