Be Mas Social is a connected strategy and digital content company, a diversity and inclusion consultancy, and mas.


Our Services:

+ Engagement Building
+ Website Design
+ Social Media Photography

+ Social Media Management
+ Content Creation
+ Brand Stewardship


Recent Clients:



What our clients say about us:

I get excited every time I see what you post for us.

The Mas Story:

What began as a conversation with interns over coffee (yes, coffee, not tacos!) about the need to have a boutique digital and social agency,  ended up with the launch of Mas Social. I believe that better communication is a path to a better world. Be that for each and every one of us or for companies and other organizations. It is my dream to make an impact through social media channels all around the globe. 

While I was a Marketing Director for a non profit organization, I felt that most companies and non profit organizations needed a fresh take on how to use social media as a tool for better storytelling and engagement. Everybody wants to create a community to share their important message, but nobody knows how or has the money to hire somebody full-time to create the content and make the huge impact that they want to create in their company. This is where we come in. 


A Word From Aidee:

Working as a content creator makes the business of everyday living not jus beautiful but interesting. I have to go deeper with each brand that I work with and get insights that no one, just me, can see. My reason para vivir. I'm not in it for the pretty. I'm in it for contrast and the unknown, the counter-intuitive, the strange, an the dark. I am a bruja that prays at night and dances in the morning.