What our clients say about us:

“I highly recommend Aidee . She is a master of all things Social. She not only helped me grow my Insta account, but she taught me so many things along the way! I love that she is quick to respond and makes every effort to make my life easier! The greatest benefit is getting to know her. I leave every encounter with a smile, she has a true love for people and wants everyone to succeed. She is kind and so generous, always willing to share her knowledge. Her zest for life is contagious. Everyone needs Aidee in their life❤️!”

—Linda Deason, Owner of West Coast Hair Design.  


“Aidee helped us make significant progress in our advocacy campaign. The content she wrote helped us reach tens of thousands of people and we are almost to the 100,000 mark which was our goal all along! Thank you idea for your creative and engaging content ideas.”

—Charmaine Campo, Interim Director of Marketing & Communications, Jacksonville Public Education Fund.